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Kohei Nawa

Element - Black

2018.11.10 sat - 12.8 sat

13:00 - 19:00 Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

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  • Opening Party : 2018.11.10 sat 18:00 - Free
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  • Closing Live "Black" : 2018.12.8 open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
    Price : adv ¥2,500.- / door ¥3,000.-
    Act : Florian Walter (sax) from Germany
       Atsushi Yamaji (laptop) *composer/music producer/researcher
       .es [dotes:Takayuki Hashimoto (sax) & sara (piano)]
    Support : Consulate-General of Germany, Goethe-Institut Osaka
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Kohei Nawa's First Solo Exhibition in Kansai in Five Years
Returning to Black Infinity Born of Element Integration

Kohei Nawa continues to expand the concepts of sculptures crossing various genres. Nawa's 10-meter-tall, shining golden sculpture "Throne" is currently installed under the glass pyramid in the Louvre Museum since July (until January 14th, 2019) . He has held epic solo exhibitions around the world, participated in numerous exhibitions, designed a pavilion and an art installation in Zen temple, performed in the stage project "VESSEL" with the choreographer Damien Jalet and also collaborated with fashion brands.
Nomart is pleased to present Nawa's first solo exhibition in Kansai area in five years since his last solo exhibition at Nomart in 2013.

New Visual World Generated by Various Element Integrations
Nawa studied sculpting in Kyoto City University of Arts and has been producing various kinds of artworks ever since. From an early stage of his career he has created many two-dimensional works which we can visually feel strong physical and material characteristics of themselves. This exhibition focuses on new visual experiences emerged by integrating or overlapping abstract images and materials, approaching both by two-dimensional and three-dimensional as a new attempt.

Based on the following two types of new works, new drawings with related view of the world are to be presented. Each artworks give you an unique experience going back and forth between macroscopic and microscopic views regardless of the different forms of art.

New works:
-The sculpture of the new series with the surface coated by various sizes of black silicon carbide powders and the characteristic organic shape that recalls reproduction
-The print work of the new series that displays deep vision created by integrated digital layers made from selected images from numerous drawings

Don't miss the chance to see this exhibition with the new series of works by Kohei Nawa, who is in constant transition continuing to pursue new expressions.

Element - Black

Kohei Nawa’s printing series in 2001 was an attempt to be excessive by integration of layers made from hair and pieces of snack chips. And in Element series in 2002, different materials and methods were used to replace the drawings as elements of a structure such as texture, form, fragment and architecture into the silkscreens. Nawa has been creating many drawings in recent years with this microscopic approach.

The two-dimensional works made by enlarging (using printing plates enabled this act suggestive of looking into the microscope) or overlapping these elements return to black as a symbol of disappearance. It is like a cell (bubble) being born, disappearing and continuing to regenerate.
And similarly, the sculpture that proliferating aggregate is a collection of elements.

The black generated by collective elements is nothing and also everything.

Satoshi Hayashi
Director of Gallery Nomart

New Print Work's Image, silkscreen on paper, 80 x 60 cm, 2018 (部分)

New Sclupture Work's Image (detail), 2018
photo: Nobutada Omote | SANDWICH

New Drawing Work's Image, 2018
photo: Nobutada Omote | SANDWICH

Element #1 - 5, silkscreen on paper, 76 x 56 cm, ed. 30, 2002 (each)

Kohei Nawa
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