稲垣 元則
Motonori Inagaki

2020.6.20(sat) - 2020.7.18(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

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○ [毎日更新] 展示会場での制作風景等のショートムービーを公開

○ 最終日 関連イベント Closing Live "Atlas"
  2020.7.18 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
  出演 (ドットエス: 橋本孝之 & sara) + 林聡
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展覧会最終日には長年稲垣とのコラボレーションを続けている.es(ドットエス)+林聡による音楽ライブの開催を予定。 また、展覧会に先駆けてオンライン上で作品の先行販売も予定しています。


Atlas アトラス




稲垣 元則 Motonori Inagaki


○ [Updated daily] Short video of the artist at work

  During the exhibition, a short video will be released on the website every day, featuring the artist at work on site and the rearrangements made to the exhibition.

○ [last day of the exhibition Event] Closing Live "Atlas"

  2020.7.18 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -

  Charge:¥2,000. (dotes: Takayuki Hashimoto & sara) + Satoshi Hayashi


This is the experimental exhibition of Motonori Inagaki for the first time in two years.
Comparing the ever-changing flow of time to an atlas (map) that spreads indefinitely, the exhibition will feature a variable installation composed of videos and drawings.

Motonori Inagaki started drawing on B4 size copy paper in the early 90's. Ever since, he has continued to create drawings which now number over 10,000. From the 2000s, he has also been engaged actively with photography and video, and has earned a high reputation for his unique artistic voice that is incomparable.

In his photographs and video works, which mainly focus on natural landscapes such as trees and sea waves, he attempts to capture, within the image, things and spaces that are not visible (or do not seem visible). At the same time, he has persistently continued his drawings, as if hauling in, from the tip of the paintbrush, the yet unseen world.

The previous exhibition in 2018 was held to commemorate the publication of his first collection of works centered around his drawings and served as an opportunity to explore and reexamine his quarter-century creations.

This exhibition, titled "Atlas", will mainly highlight new videos and drawings, which alongside past works and fragments of videos will be shown equally, enabling viewers to witness the world of Inagaki's creations as a whole rather than from a one-way time axis.

Additionally, as a new project for this exhibition, Inagaki himself will be at the venue everyday at work creating and rearranging the installation during the show. The progress will be recorded and released as a short movie which will be updated daily online. These videos will be collectioned and available for viewing throughout the exhibition period. The trajectory of Inagaki's actions is to become one of the very elements that constitute this exhibition.

Aiming to overcome spatial restrictions by interweaving various time scales and making effective use of online platforms, this exhibition, with multiple layers of time, will appear almost like Inagaki's own world atlas. Emerging as a vast map with neither a beginning nor an end, the exhibition will reach out to each individual viewer all around the world.

On the final day of the exhibition, we will present a concert by ".es", who has been collaborating with Inagaki for many years. In addition, the works will be available for purchase online prior to the exhibition.

We look forward to your continued support and hope you enjoy Motonari Inagaki's various attempts at this exhibition.


[Artist's comment]


I keep an eye on my growth and aging by continuing to draw.

I think about what I can and cannot do. I also think about what I can and cannot do more than I used to.

Now I can't draw like when I was 20 years old. Similarly, at the age of 20, I wouldn't have been able to draw like I can today.

Changes in people's lives and feelings, and their corresponding thoughts and ideas, do not always follow the time axis. Things I thought were good yesterday may seem bad today, but can often turn out to be acceptable in the future. Even if I think to have progressed, I may be backing up, or when I feel stuck, I might actually be leaping to a completely different place. Influenced by these things, I grow up and grow old. Although living closely with it, I sometimes think of time as a separate phenomenon.

Drawing becomes a field for repeating the acts of believing and doubting.

Drawing is walking, and also thinking.

This time, I shot videos on my iPhone. There is an airy and unfixed feeling to it. And that feeling is similar to the copy paper drawings I have been continuing. I create blank spaces so that the subject can move around. This may be for filling in the gaps that lie between the aforementioned time axis and my own values and beliefs. As long as space is left for the subject to move, even if I change to be a different person tomorrow, I may be able to find a different perspective on what the drawing means. In other words, it is a kind of hope that it may connect to someone in a completely different country or era.

Motonori Inagaki