Treasure 1

木村 秀樹, 大久保 英治, 蔡 國強, 大島 成己, 中原 浩大, 伊庭 靖子, 今村 源, 名和 晃平, 稲垣 元則, 田中 朝子, 藤本 由紀夫, 大西 伸明, 稲垣 元則 + DAZE, 金村 仁
Hideki Kimura, Eiji Okubo, Cai Guo Qiang, Naruki Oshima, Kodai Nakahara, Yasuko Iba, Hajime Imamura, Kohei Nawa, Motonori Inagaki, Asako Tanaka, Yukio Fujimoto, Nobuaki Onishi, Motonori Inagaki + DAZE, Hitoshi Kanamura

2021.10.16(sat) - 2021.11.13(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

Kohei Nawa "Meat 1" 2001/2021

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蔡 國強 Cai Guo Qiang / 木村秀樹 Hideki Kimura / 大久保英治 Eiji Okubo
大島成己 Naruki Oshima / 中原浩大 Kodai Nakahara / 伊庭靖子 Yasuko Iba
今村 源 Hajime Imamura / 名和晃平 Kohei Nawa / 稲垣元則 Motonori Inagaki
田中朝子 Asako Tanaka / 藤本由紀夫 Yukio Fujimoto / 大西伸明 Nobuaki Onishi
金村 仁 Hitoshi Kanamura / 稲垣元則 Motonori Inagaki + DAZE [.es (ドットエス:橋本孝之&sara)+Sarry (821&Fujiyuki)]




[林 聡 (ギャラリーノマル・ディレクター) コメント]

As the origin of Gallery Nomart, "Print Studio Nomart Editions" started in the fall of 1989 In Fukaebashi, the eastern side of Osaka, Japan. Since then, Nomart Editions has produced about 1,000 editions and multiples with more than 40 artists. Since the opening of the gallery in 1999, though the venue became a place to show the works produced here to wider audience, there are many works had been stored and without being seen by the public for a long time since their initial release. In this exhibition, we would like to introduce editions and multiples with their own meanings for each one of them, which dug out by Satoshi Hayashi, the art director of Gallery Nomart.

There will be the work that is now for sale after 30 years and very rear, only-one-left works among those going to be on display. Please looking forward to the exhibition with the variety of works and bringing together the joy of making, the stimulation from seeing, and the pleasure of purchasing !

[The comment from Satoshi Hayashi (The art director of Gallery Nomart.)]
I made the list of the early works made in our studio for the group exhibition this time. Among the ones I almost forget, I found a lot of treasure.