100 Jahre / 100年
100 Jahre

稲垣 元則
Motonori Inagaki

2022.4.9(sat) - 2022.5.14(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

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■ Closing Event : Music Live "100 years"
  2022.5.14 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
  charge:adv. ¥2,500. / door ¥3,000. *予約制 By reservation only
  performer:内田静男 Shizuo Uchida (bass) from Tokyo
     sara (.es / piano)

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稲垣は昨年8月から約2ヶ月間、多様なプロフェッショナルを集め、高齢化社会での個人と社会・文化に焦点をあて未来について探求するプログラム「PLUS-A Project for an Aging World」に参加するため、デュッセルドルフ(ドイツ)で滞在しました。限られた時間の中で参加メンバーとのディスカッションや現地取材を行い、当地でのプログラムの最終日にはその時点での成果発表展も行われました。
今回の展覧会「100 Jahre / 100年」では、その経験を元にさらに考察を深め、新たなかたちにして写真と映像作品を制作。また、ノマルでは初となるウォール・ドローイングにも挑戦します。



100 Jahre(100年)

昨年の夏、私はドイツのデュッセルドルフで、PLUS-A Project for an Aging World(高齢化社会のためのプロジェクト)に参加しました。

瞬間ごとに移動していく「現在」は、実は一番認識しづらく、それが一体何なのかを確かめることがとても難しいのかもしれません。 多くの場合、現在という瞬間を過ごしながらも、認識や理解、気持ちや感覚は過去や未来にあることも多いのではないかと考えることがあります。



稲垣元則 Motonori Inagaki


Based on the experience of participation of "Artist-in-residence” program last year in German
Movies, photographs, and wall drawing compose the experimental exhibition

Inagaki Motonori has been creating works of photograph, movie, and drawing by always confronting himself in a never-change attitude from the early 90s. He has won acclaims for his unique style of creation, which can not be compared to any other.
In his works of photographs and movies, of which the theme is mainly about nature landscape such as the scenes among the trees and the wave of the sea, and body, Inagaki is focusing on something invisible, and trying to covey the strong visual impact by permeating through audiences unconsciously from the sense of swaying and pause brought by the images.

Inagaki has stayed in Dusseldorf (German)for two months from August last year by participating in the program of "PLUS-A Project for an Aging World” , which gathered many different professionals and focused on the individuals, society and culture of aging world. He communicated with other members and conducted site surveys during a limited time. On the last day of the program, a local exhibition was held to present the results of the program at that point.
In the exhibition "100 Jahre” this time, Inagaki deepened his consideration based on the experiences in German and created photographs and movies in a new expression. Also, he will challenge the wall drawing at Gallery Nomart for the first time.

An exhibition of new works by Motonori Inagaki, whose thinking and expression have been further deepened by his new experiences abroad. Please look forward to it.


100 Jahre

I participated in the program of "PLUS-A Project for an Aging World” in Dusseldorf, German last summer.
Under the themes of “aging" , “growing old”, I thought about the time related to individual, which is different from the time related to society and science.

Maybe present is the only thing that truly exist among past, present, and future. On the other hand, there are some situations that past and future might be easy to understand and perceive.
The “present”, which moves from moment to moment, is actually the hardest thing to perceive, and it might be very difficult to clarify what exactly it is. I think in most situation, our cognition and understanding, mood and feelings remain in the past or the future when we experience present of moment.
Soaking in the memories, regretting on something happened already, dominated by something have not happened yet, looking forward to or worrying about the future, we are spending irregular time like “a long day” or “a life in a blink of an eye” while we are confused about how to understand present.

My drawings, photographs and movies are deeply related to such irregular and wavering time.

100 years are expanded, shrunk and skipping. Sometimes they turn back, being made up. Many are forgotten.

Motonori Inagaki