In the boat with the bird

黒宮 菜菜
Nana Kuromiya

2022.10.1(sat) - 2022.10.29(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

船に乗る #2, 2022

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■ 関連音楽ライブ:Bird
  2022.10.15 sat, open 19:30 / start 19:45 -
  charge:adv. ¥3,000. / door ¥3,500. *予約制 By reservation only
  act: K2 (草深公秀) / sara (.es / piano)

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[Artist Statement]





黒宮菜菜 Nana Kuromiya


Invited by the young generation artist supporting program “ARKO"started by Ohara Art Museum(Okayama, Japan), participating the VOCA2020 Exhibition (honorable mention award) in March 2020, Nana Kuromiya is an artist whose reputation has been steadily growing in recent years.

Kuromiya's works are mainly based on the motif of the human figure, and she makes works by two types of approaches. One is oil paintings using the liquid oil paints, and the other is works blotted by dyes on the layers of Japanese papers.
The fantasy and ambiguous images that are depicted in the paintings arouse views' imagination, and more ambiguous it is, the stronger the impression it leaves on the mind. Moreover, the tracks leaving by paints on the surface evokes the beauty and the fantasy of fleeting.

In the last exhibition, as the development of the images created in the works shown in the previous exhibition held at Gallery Nomart in 2020, she announced a new series of works that originated from one scene of the story she made by herself. Based on the works whose theme taken from actual novels, the exhibition reflected what Kuromiya wanted to depict more than before and was more free, appealing to inspire viewers’ imagination.
In this exhibition, the artist focuses on people's view of life and death and their relationship with nature at that time based on the the historical facts that date back to the Kofun period in Japan and would have actually existed. In addition, this time there is a new change in expression, the material sealed by beeswax, which developed from the approach she uses oil to bring her paintings fluidity.

In addition, halfway through the exhibition on 15 Oct(sat), a related live performance "Bird" will be held with K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka)from Shizuoka, Japan, the mad doctor of the noise sound world . This will be a special time when the mellow soundscape waved by strong noise sound and the piano performance sara(.es) is echoing Kuromiya’s works of art.

In the current social and global situation where we are facing various difficulties, Nana Kuromiya earnestly explores humanity through painting and converts it into her works of art. please looking forward to Kuromiya’s new works exhibition.


[Artist Statement]

In the boat with the bird.

The remains of a boy who was buried with a tern(a migratory bird) have been found in the ruins of the Kofun period on the Kii Peninsula. The title of the exhibition "In the boat with the bird.” was inspired by this child who embraced the bird and fell into eternal sleep.
Perhaps in order to find the way that the solo of the child could be lead to other world without getting lost, and wish he could come back again and come back to them, his family leaves their wishes with a migratory tern.

The image of boat is inspired by the ruins of the Kofun period. The coffin was made in a shape of boat (There are also some cases that a real boat are used )can be seen in many places in Japan.
The boat carrying souls traveling to other world is going to be back to the place of departure again. Considering the characteristics of the boat, it suppose not just to go away. It is a vessel comes and goes between life and death. This is the metaphor behind the image of boats.

How do people think of and explain life and death? It is human nature to think about the limited life that we know clearly. I’m very interested in thinking of this kind of questions.

Nana Kuromiya