名和 晃平
Kohei Nawa

2023.2.4(sat) - 2023.4.22(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

vol.3 Cell

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vol.1 Movie / 2023.2.4 sat - 2.25 sat * 終了しました
vol.2 Tarot / 2023.3.4 sat - 3.25 sat * 終了しました
vol.3 Cell / 2023.4.1 sat - 4.22 sat




こうした名和の思考と表現を辿る本展は、それぞれ映像・立体・平面に焦点を当てた『vol.1 Movie』『vol.2 Tarot』『vol.3 Cell』から構成されます。異なる視点を重ねることで立ち上がる名和の軌跡を、ぜひともご高覧くださいますよう、よろしくお願いいたします。


vol.1 Movie
『vol.1 Movie』では、ギャラリーノマル開催の名和の個展「Transcode」(2009) で発表された映像作品 ”Dot-Movie” の4Kバージョンと、同作を元に制作したエディション作品が展示されます。

vol.2 Tarot
『vol2. Tarot』では、タロットカード占いをテーマとした“PixCell” シリーズによるインスタレーションが発表されます。

vol.3 Cell
『vol3. Cell』では、"Plotter”と”Rhythm”シリーズによって、ミニマルなノイズと有機的な律動が同居する空間体験が構成されます。


Gallery Nomart's first exhibition in 2023 is Kohei Nawa's solo show "Project".
Video, sculpture and two-dimensional works - different perspectives overlap to reveal the artist's trajectory.

Gallery Nomart is pleased to present "Project", a solo exhibition by sculptor Kohei Nawa, as the first exhibition of 2023.

Nawa has developed new perceptual experiences through a variety of media, including sculpture, two-dimensional works, installation, and performance.

This exhibition traces Nawa's thinking and expression, and consists of "vol.1 Movie", "vol.2 Tarot", and "vol.3 Cell", which focus on video, sculpture, and two-dimensional works, respectively. Please come and see the trajectory of Nawa's work as it appears through the layering of different perspectives.


vol.1 Movie
During this period, a 4K version of the video work "Dot-Movie" presented in Nawa's solo exhibition "Transcode" (2009) at Gallery Nomart will be exhibited, an edition work based on the same work.

vol.2 Tarot
During this period, the "PixCell" series of installations based on the theme of tarot reading will be presented.

vol.3 Cell
During this period, a series of works named "Plotter" and "Rhythm" will create a spatial experience where minimal noise and organic rhythms coexist.