山田 千尋
Chihiro Yamada

2021.4.17(sat) - 2021.5.22(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

"dogfight - 4" 2021



*The following live performances have been cancelled.

○ 最終日 関連イベント .es(ドットエス) Closing Live "unique"
  2021.5.22 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
  charge:¥2,000. *予約制 (定員10名) By reservation only (Capacity of 10)
  performer:.es (ドットエス: 橋本孝之 Takayuki Hashimoto & sara)
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昨年春に開催した関西在住の気鋭若手作家4名によるグループ展「U30 - Whom do you suspect?」。同展覧会は好評を博したものの会期半ばでコロナ感染拡大の影響により中止を余儀なくされましたが、以降も各作家とはノマルでのグループ展への参加や外部でのプロジェクト等で連絡を密にしてきました。そして今春、その中より一番バッターとして、山田千尋の個展を開催いたします。











The first solo exhibition from the rising artist Chihiro Yamada at Gallery Nomart.
With the theme of “Unique”, the exhibition is a world filled with works in all kinds of size.

The group exhibition "U30 - Whom do you suspect?” was held last spring with attendance of four promising artists based in Kansai, Japan. Despite the good response, it was forced to be canceled in the middle of session due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but since then, we have been in close contact with each artist through their participation of the group exhibitions of Nomart and other external projects. This spring, among the four artists, we decided to held the solo exhibition for Chihiro Yamada.
Chihiro Yamada graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Oil painting in 2016. After graduation, she continues the exploration in painting and establish her own way to express gradually.
Her paintings are characterized by the eye-catching colors. The brush strokes making audience feel the unique texture as a thin layer, and the stubbornness for the distorted motif which coming from the photos on SNS and can not be appreciated in a normal way. The paintings spent a lot of her energy and time reflected the her objective perspective which sublimated to an irreplaceable identity of Yamada.

Under the theme of with “Unique” this time, multiple works with the same motifs will be on display. From small-sized works to large-scale works, through all the various size and quantity, she attempted to reveal the diversity of the way to see and feel. At the same time, she tried to dig deeper inside the nature of painting —uniqueness.

Please look forward to the exhibition energized by this young artist who is worth expecting and leading the times.


My name is Chihiro Yamada.I’m very thankful that I could have the opportunity to hold my first solo exhibition after my graduation at Gallery Nomart.

I take the motifs coming from the photos on the internet and recreate them into oil paintings.
Trying to catch the sensation deriving from the mixture which combined the images of those motifs and the texture on the surface of canvas, I draw the same motifs repeatedly with different methods.

This is the first attempt for me to display the paintings with the same motifs in one space. I would like to convey the stubbornness of the approach that oozes out from the nuance between the different brushstrokes.

Chihiro Yamada