Sand to Stardust (Cosmos)

小谷 くるみ
Kurumi Kotani

2021.7.17(sat) - 2021.8.21(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

夏期休廊 Summer Holidays:2021.8.13 fri - 15 sun

新作 参考図版, 2021


○ 展覧会関連イベント 音楽Live “砂から星へ”
  2021.8.8 sun, open 18:00 / start 18:30 -
  charge:¥2,000. *予約制 By reservation only
  performer:落穂の雨 ochibo no ame [川島誠 makoto kawashima(altosax), ルイス稲毛 inage louis(bass), 山㟁直人 naoto yamagishi(drums,percussion)], sara(.es / piano)

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昨年春に開催した関西在住の気鋭若手作家4名によるグループ展「U30 - Whom do you suspect?」。その出展作家から、今春「ユニーク」を開催した山田千尋に続き、小谷くるみがノマルでの 初個展を開催いたします。
小谷は京都造形芸術大学油画コース卒業後、同学大学院芸術専攻を終了。同時に、その独創的な作風 は注目を集め、数々の展覧会やアートフェアなどで作品を発表。今最も新作を期待される若手作家の一 人となっています。 小谷はこれまで一貫して、存在の痕跡と気配をテーマに絵画作品を発表してきました。かつてそこに存在していたが今は目に見えないものや、時間によって変わっていく物質の姿を画面に留めた作風は、観る者に様々なイメージを掻き立てています。


今展では、小谷の代表作であり、結露した窓をイメージした「21g」、支持体に染み付いた錆を痕跡の象徴 として使用する「時間・痕跡〈錆〉」という既存2シリーズの新作に加え、いずれも作家初となる銅版画を使 用した作品やインスタレーション作品など、多様な手法を用いた挑戦的な新作が一堂に展示されます。
これらの作品群を貫く今展のタイトルを、小谷は「砂から星へ」と名付けました。宇宙空間のようなマクロ な時間の流れさえも、足元の一粒の砂のようなミクロな痕跡として息づいているー。小谷は今展において、悠久の中での物質の変容と生命の因果に迫ることで、自身の芸術家としての根源を探り、提示しようと試みています。





砂埃で目鼻に不快感を覚える。 こっちの方がよっぽど実感がある。

小谷 くるみ


The first solo exhibition at Gallery Nomart by Kurumi Kotani, who is now the one of the most spotlighted emerging young artists.
On this exhibition, In addition to the new works of her existing series, she is going to announce her multiple challenging new series of works.

The group exhibition"U30 - Whom do you suspect?", which held at Gallery Nomart in 2020, is for four young rising artists who based in Kansai last spring. Following Chihiro Yamada’s solo exhibition this spring, the first solo exhibition by Kurumi Kotani at Gallery Nomart was placed on schedule.
After graduating from the oil painting course at Kyoto University of the Arts, Kotani completed a graduate course in art at the same university. At the same time, she was receiving attention by her original artistic style and had her work on many exhibitions and art fairs. And now, she has become one of the most promising young artists today in Japan. As the artistic concept she takes from the beginning of her creative activities, she has announced the works on the theme of the traces and indications of existence. She capturesthings that once existed but are now invisible today, the  physical materials changing over the time, and makes them settle on the canvas.This kind of style inspires various images in the viewer.

What we can see from the accumulation of time and the circle of causality.

This exhibition will feature challenging new works that using the various techniques. In addition to the new creations of the existing two series,  Kotani’s representative work "21g" that based on the image of a condensed window and the work  “Time, Trace, Rust” that the rust stained on the supporter serves as the symbol of traces, the Copperplate engraving works and the installation , either of which was the first attempt for the artist, will be on display also.
With all these works above, Kotani named the exhibition “Sand to stardust”.Even the macroscopic flow of time, like the universe, lives on as microscopic traces, like a grain of sand under our feet. Kotani is trying to explore and present the source of her own creations as an artist by approaching the causality in the transformation of materials and life in eternity.

Kurumi Kotani is an artist who has already garnered a great deal of attention but still keeps expanding her range of expression. Please look forward to her upcoming exhibition.


Artist comment

Sand to Stardust

The universe is too far away from “me”.
I look down at my feet. Kicking away the sand, the soil exposed.
I felt the sand and dust made my eyes and nose uncomfortable. And this feels much more real.
When we become more deeply aware, we can notice that the human history, ancient forms of life, are extending beneath your feet in the form of strata and traces.
Beyond that, my consciousness went deeply into the time when the first life appeared, the time when the earth was born.
When I arrived at the beginning of the earth, the universe spread out before me, and I saw many shinny stars there.

Kurumi Kotani