小谷 くるみ
Kurumi Kotani

2022.7.9(sat) - 2022.8.6(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

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■ Closing Event : Music Live "ヘーパイストス (創造の神)"
  2022.8.6 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
  charge:adv. ¥2,500. / door ¥3,000. *予約制 By reservation only
  performer:sara (.es / piano)
        kiyo (cello)

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ノマルでは、2020年のグループ展「U30 - Whom do you suspect?」(*1)でデビュー、初個展となった昨年の「砂から星へ」(*2)も大盛況で終え、ますます作家としての注目度が上がっています。



今展のタイトルは、ギリシャ神話の創造の神「ヘーパイストス 」から。常に創造することの意味を問いながら、自身の表現哲学を独自の手法に反映させてきた小谷が、また新たな空間を作り上げます。


(*1)「U30 - Whom do you suspect?」>> Exhibition

(*2)「砂から星へ」>> Exhibition


[Artist Statement]








小谷 くるみ Kurumi Kotani


Kurumi Kotani, the spirited young artist drawing great attention, will hold her second solo exhibition at Gallery Nomart since last year.
The new series of work created by a new approach will be announced.

Kurumi Kotani graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts with a degree in oil painting, and completed the graduate program in art at the same university. At the same time, with her unique style of creation, she received high attention and announced her works on many exhibitions, which made her one of the most expected contemporary young artists.
At Gallery Nomart, Debuted in the group exhibition "U30 - Whom do you suspect?” held in 2020, Kurumi Kotani’s first solo exhibition "Sand to Stardust (Cosmos) “ last year at Gallery Nomart, ends with great success, and she has been receiving an increased attention as an artist since then.
Kurumi Kotani has been presenting the works on the theme of the track and indication of existence. The things that exist in the past but become invisible now, or the substance that will change over time was settled on the canvas, the style of her creation arouse different images for the audience.

The God of creation - Ἥφαιστος

In the last exhibition, Kurumi Kotani made her works by artificially generating the phenomena that occurs naturally over time, such as oxidizing iron, generated the verdigris on the copper plate used to make prints.
Continued with the last solo exhibition, Kurumi Kotani in this exhibition will announce her new series composed of the works created by the silver leaves attached on the cloth and sulfurized by liquid smoke solution, and other new works with different techniques. .
The title of the exhibition this time originated from the “Ἥφαιστος", the Greek god of creation. Kurumi Kotani, an artist is exploring the meaning of “create” and present her own unique philosophy of expression, will create a new space of exhibition.
Kurumi Kotani, whose potential as an artist is expanding year by year, is expected to make a great leap forward in this new work exhibition, Please look forward to it.


[Artist Statement]

Since ancient times, silver has been considered expensive and highly valuable. Even though it is less valuable compared to gold under the universal standard of value nowadays, silverwares have been regarded as an embodiment of a high status.
In ancient Egypt, silver was valued more than gold, and it was said that some things made of gold were coated by silver.

Some times I am thinking the standard and boundary of values are always shaking along with a kind of tension, and they may make sense or may not.
It may be like when we look at the words we use everyday, and all of a sudden they turn into several meaningless lines cross over each other, and we started being confused about what is the exact meanings of the words.

Nowadays, it is much easier for us to be enable to connect to the people around the world, share our values and build relationships with each other.
To understand the standard which we think will never shake is actually something unsettled and shaking all the time, we need to be objective.

As for me, it means as a Japanese, an Asian, a person living on the earth, a creature.

Why do people around the world send flowers on birth and death?
I’m always surprised by the fact that there are some consensus between the expression of “human” on the earth full with such different cultures.

Why did people regardless of race or region, could apply decorations that were not part of their original intent and achieve to create that continuously connected culture ?

It’s what we feel and think because we are human, the act of connecting the dots to make a line.

Kurumi Kotani