Since 1989

Publishing of Contemporary Art


When he was a college student in the latter half of 1980s, Satoshi Hayashi, director of Nomart, determined to establish in Japan an atelier for printing in which publishing and producing engravings are united, as usually seen in Western countries.
It was in 1989, soon after graduating from college, that, with the help of those who approved of his idea, he built Nomart Editions for silkscreen printing, in Joto ward of Osaka City, on the east of Osaka Castle.
Nomart Editions now function as an experimental workshop where “co-creation” is pursued with artists in various fields such as art, sound, as well as prints.

名和晃平 Kohei Nawa, 2013

木村秀樹 Hideki Kimura, 2015

松井 智恵 Chie Matsui, 2014

稲垣元則 Motonori Inagaki, 2018

蔡國強 Cai Guo-Chang “万華鏡 kaleidoscope”, 2001

蔡國強 Cai Guo-Chang, 2001

片山雅史 Masahito Katayama, 2007

[Commission work] 中西信洋 Nobuhiro Nakanishi
“雪まち-Aomori Reflection”, 2010, JR新青森駅東口駅前広場


Pure and Beautiful Sound with Art

ZBO - Zinc Buckets Orchestra, 2013
藤本由紀夫 Yukio Fujimoto + .es + Gallery Nomart


橋本孝之 Takayuki Hashimoto Guitar Solo Album “Sound Drops”, 2014
Collaboration with 藤本由紀夫 Yukio Fujimoto


張騰遠 CHANG Teng Yuan, 2018

伊庭靖子 Yasuko Iba, 2019

中原浩大 Kodai Nakahara, 2019

田中朝子 Asako Tanaka, 2019

建畠晢 Akira Tatehata + .es
レコード “パトリック世紀”, 2019


ノマル30周年記念BOOK“アートの奇跡”, 2019

2020.6To be continued….!