名和 晃平
Kohei Nawa

2022.1.29(sat) - 2022.2.19(sat)
13:00 - 19:00 日曜・祝日休廊
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday

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>> 画集 "Esquisse" のお求めはこちらから
>> 版画集 "Esquisse" のお求めはこちらから


■ 画集 "Esquisse" 出版記念レセプション
2022.1.29 sat, 17:00 -

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Closing Live "sara (.es / piano) SOLO : Esquisse"
2022.2.19 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
charge:¥2,000. *予約制 By reservation only
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[会期中のイベント] *終了いたしました
Concert for John Russell
2022.2.5 sat, open 19:00 / start 19:30 -
charge:adv ¥3,000. / door ¥3,500.
*予約制 (定員30名) By reservation only (Capacity of 30)
豊住芳三郎 Sabu Toyozumi (drums) from Tokyo
庄子勝治 Masaharu Showji (sax) from Hiroshima
sara ( .es / piano)
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名和晃平 最初期の貴重なドローイング展からスタート!





>> Esquisse


林聡 (ギャラリーノマル・ディレクター) コメント

「Esquisse for the Future」


新たな2022年の幕開けにふさわしい展覧会として、名和晃平個展「Kohei Nawa / Esquisse」を1月29日より開催します。20年以上に渡り、共に新たな挑戦を続けてきた名和晃平 初期の貴重なドローイングを多数初公開。すべて現在の名和に繋がる、貴重なエスキースです。


The activities of Gallery Nomart in 2022,
started from the solo exhibition of Kohei Nawa’s precious drawings in his most early days!
The great number of drawings created in his early days as a source of images that leads to his various current works.

Kohei Nawa, who studied sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts, has been creating a wide variety of three dimensional works. From his debut as an artist, he has been keeping creating many two dimensional works in parallel of which the physicality and the characteristics of material itself convey strong visual impact.

The idea of holding this exhibition generated when Kohei Nawa unexpectedly discovered a large number of drawings and planning notes that he kept while reorganized his room when he return to his parents’ home, and brought them to Gallery Nomart for archiving. Grasped the close connection between these images and his current creations, Satoshi Hayashi, the art director of Gallery Nomart, proposed an exhibition of only the drawings on display. By looking back at the past of the artist, we are pleased to present the first exhibition that gives a sense of Kohei Nawa’s present and even the future and is perfect for the opening of the new year 2022.

Kohei Nawa is a leading figure in Japanese contemporary art, constantly pursues the new way of expression. This exhibition will be a unique opportunities to see the very precious drawings from Kohei Nawa’s student days to the early days of his career as an artist.
In addition, the book ”Esquisse” of only the drawings is going to be published on the first day of the exhibition. We will appreciate your attention on it as well.


The comment of Satoshi Hayashi (The art director of Gallery Nomart)

「Esquisse for the Future」

The year 2021 was unforgettable. After the unexpected death of Hashimoto Takayuki(.es), an important friend as well as an artist who would have been going to work with Gallery Nomart for creation from the spring of 2021, and the recovery from the hospitalization of my own disease, I have been having the strong feeling about the sense of mission and the gratification of “creating” than ever before.

As the exhibition for the opening of the new year 2022, We are going to present Kohei Nawa’s solo exhibition “Kohei Nawa / Esquisse” from Jan 29, 2022. A great number of precious drawings created in the early days of Kohei Nawa, who has been working with us together for new challenges over 20 years, will open to the public for the first time on the exhibition. They are all treasurable esquisse that connected with Kohei Nawa’s present.
In 2022, Gallery Nomart will open up a new landscape of art that will be continue into the future. Please look forward to it.