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At the point where all the senses cross and spread beyond our senses

« All the senses are intertwined in creation »
This is our principle on which we are searching for something special in the fields of art, sound and design.
Thus stands NOMART (Nomart, Inc.) at the point.

Since 1989, we’ve been invariably creating works together with artists of different fields. We hold a studio of printing (Nomart Editions), a gallery of contemporary art (Gallery Nomart), a studio for design and editing (Nomart Graphics), and one for experimental art and sound — where we’ve been developing our own style of expression and creation.


When he was a college student in the latter half of 1980s, Satoshi Hayashi, director of Nomart, determined to establish in Japan an atelier for printing in which publishing and producing engravings are united, as usually seen in Western countries. It was in 1989, soon after graduating from college, that, with the help of those who approved of his idea, he built Nomart Editions for silkscreen printing, in Joto ward of Osaka City, on the east of Osaka Castle.
Thus, the young director began to search an unknown realm for the way his atelier could function as a media between artists and their works, between the works and the society in which they are produced, and among the relationships.

In 1994, the fifth year from the foundation of the atelier, we established its design section, which was equipped as early as possible with digital devices, using digital technology fully for the production of works, information management, and publishing.

In 1999, five years later, we set the space for exhibition, called ‘Project Space.’ We were developing experimental projects of exhibition beyond engraving itself, continuing to produce new works or series with artists of diverse fields like two or three dimensional arts and image-creating, leading upon to what Gallery Nomart is at present, which is now striving to help young artists to mold themselves.

In 2009, the twentieth year from its foundation, we extended the gallery, which occupied freer space and which enabled some lager scale of works or installation to be exhibited.
Not only has it incited contemporary fine artists, but it has started to function as a sound space that has fascinated avant-garde musicians or sound artists with its ceiling high above and with thick walls producing natural echo.

We invented the name NOMART from the two words, nomade and art, hoping to be free, to be anywhere, independent of any norm.
We’d like to advance ever on our own, just as we have since 1989.



Satoshi Hayashi
林 聡


Noriko Imanaka


Masaya Yamada

Art section

Wataru Yoshida
吉田 亘


Arisa Tomiyasu

Graphic Designer

Saori Inoue

Art section

Zhang Xiaoyi

Art section